25 July 2018

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New Video: “To Get Here” Live- with Venus Exalted

Bathe in luminous, loving soundscapes of beauty, truth and magic.
// Music is medicine //
Coherence is the antidote to dissonance.

20 July 2018

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Under the Covers #6- “Fly Away” by Poe

“Fly Away” by Poe “Everything matters in such an invisible way” The chaos is thick, the amnesia is strong. But […]

21 June 2018

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SUMMER CONCERT DATES 6/22, 6/23 and 7/12

I’m playing the Main Stage at Bhakti Village- Jackson Wellsprings, Ashland OR
Saturday June 23, 9pm
See you there!

04 April 2018

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Silver Wheel for you. Love, Adey

We did it, Silver Wheel is here!
I appreciate your patience with me in the 2 year creation of this work of art,
which is completely funded by your generous belief in me.
The wait is over!
Visit oracle88.com to listen now!

– Free yourself from distractions for approx 54 minutes.
– Create a sacred space & time for listening, preferably with excellent playback devices, such as headphones or good speakers.
– Light candles. Relax. Pour a bath. Lay down, open a window, listen outside!
– Repeat as often as needed.


19 March 2018

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Live Streaming Silver Wheel Release Concert- March 25th

We’re Live Streaming the Silver Wheel Concert!
Click on the link to register for only $8-

13 March 2018

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Silver Wheel Release Concert- March 25- Marin, CA

Be my esteemed guest as we celebrate the release of my record, Silver Wheel with a very special concert at […]

11 March 2018

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Lady Like- the official Single from Silver Wheel

And to lead the way- I give you Lady Like “Radically balancing the light and the dark, she’s giving it […]

26 February 2018

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Thank you Ashland!

I’m so proud to announce that our Feb 11 Silver Wheel Fundraiser Concert was a mega-success!
Ashland showed up for me and we raised $6000 in one night!
Want to know how? What does this mean to me? Read more…

23 February 2018

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The Adey Approach to Indy Arts Fundraising: How We Got a 20X Jump in Funds Raised in ONE NIGHT

I was standing in front of 100 audience members who had come for a free concert. We needed to get the money that was in their pockets, into baskets, so that Adey Bell’s first studio album Silver Wheel could be completed. Normally, there’s no particular urgency around when a relatively unknown indy artist without a recording contract finishes her album.

09 January 2018

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Silver Wheel- the new Album Completion Update!

∇  THE STORY Δ I’m not birthing this album, This album is birthing me. It’s been a long and exciting […]

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