Wishcraft Season 4 Begins! 10.10.21

Join me for the season premiere of Wishcraft, dress to impress #costumesastools and get ready to go deep! JOIN THE LIVESTREAM HERE Hello dreamer. I hope you have been enjoying yourself and doing your best to stay curious as the roller coaster of life races on! #staycurious I took the ...

🌕⚡️💫The Crossroads. Adey’s Voice Mail-11/30/2020

Hi love! How’s the view from your crossroads? I made you a voice message today sharing my insights of how these times are occurring to me. In this voice message I give you: *3 simple, deep dive exercises to engage in the energy of the eclipse season, building up to ...

Adey’s Voice Mail-10/19/2020

Hi love, Today is the first Monday after the New Moon in October. Yesterday was the date I’ve been holding as the  Season 3 Premiere of Wishcraft- and like so many plans in 2020, it is not occurring. We’re all watching, waiting to see what’s coming next… Listen to the ...

Adey’s Voice Mail-10/30/2020 [special video edition]

Hi love! Welcome to the Voicemail Blog- special edition with video! Watch the Voice Mail on youtube: Listen to the Voice Mail here: watch the WISHCRAFT 2021 PORTAL REPLAY HERE To schedule a divination session with me, fill this out    

2021 INITIATION PORTAL- LIVE Ceremonial Festival & Global Retreat

Hi love. I hope you’re riding the waves of this year with some sense of levity and humor, even if you’re finding yourself at what looks like the desolate end, or the scary-ass beginning. I pray you are finding connection and support. I offer you a breath of fresh air ...

Song of Phoenix

Stay Home with Venus Exalted [video]

Please enjoy this quarenteamed- homemade video + early version of our new song baby, Stay Home. Written by Adey Bell, Bailey Arango and Joe Muscatello. Adey Bell- piano, vocals, production Bailey Arango- guitar James Hoskins – cello Studio album version coming SOON! From our home and hearts to yours, -Venus ...

Under the Covers #8- Jose Gonzalez’s “Crosses”

“Crosses” by Jose Gonzalez Covered by Adey Bell and Venus Exalted: Jeffri Lynn Carrington and Matthew Kriemelman I love this piece and I hope you do too- The message helps me forgive myself and others, which is the most potent medicine, I believe. Let us water the flowers we want ...

Under the Covers #7- No Limit to your Love

Under the Covers with Adey Bell #7 NO LIMIT TO YOUR LOVE It’s a 3 way mash-up (technically 4- way) weaving the melodies of James Blake (covering Feist), Chris Issac and Reverend Johnson. With my ensemble, Venus Exalted


The first “episode” of Wishcraft has been filmed and is in post production currently!! Here I am talking about the after-math of all the prayers and intentions that were offered to the altar on Friday night—

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