2021 INITIATION PORTAL- LIVE Ceremonial Festival & Global Retreat

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Hi love.
I hope you’re riding the waves of this year with some sense of levity and humor, even if you’re finding yourself at what looks like the desolate end, or the scary-ass beginning.
I pray you are finding connection and support. I offer you a breath of fresh air and invite you to join me for the

The 2021 Initiation Portal:
Embracing the Mystery to Catalyze Our Visionary Future
LIVE Ceremonial Festival & Global Retreat

October 26-30, 2020
I’ll be offering WISHCRAFT on October 26th at 11:30 AM, PST

Finally, 2021 is in sight.
So much is ending. So much is wanting to begin.

As we pick up the pieces from this tornado called 2020, it’s time to start building, so we can make 2021 the year we’ve been hoping (and praying) for… one of calm, peace, stability, and evolution. 

Today in our world, the veils are being peeled back, or even completely removed. We are gaining access to wisdom that has been hidden away, suppressed, and shamed for millennia.

I’ve been talking to so many people who have felt bewildered, disoriented, even despondent about the waves of crisis crashing over their heads and over the collective this year. If you’ve been feeling this way too, you’re not alone.

And many others who I’ve spoken to have felt like 2020 energized and inspired them, fueled their creativity, and pushed them to take action in entirely new ways.

The good news is: All the stresses, fractures and contradictions of the old model have been exposed for everyone to see…

And fortunately, a critical mass of visionaries and healers is rising to the occasion to finally build the world that solves these issues and creates the peace and harmony we’ve all been dreaming of.

Are you ready to meet these visionaries and healers, and learn from them?

I hope you join me!
I’ll be there OCT 26 at 11:30AM PST

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