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Join me for this juicy upcoming event, Tending the Temple

I am so honored to be joining these incredible women as we create a cauldron of deepened intimacy with ourselves. Join us for a potent weekend of play, sisterhood and healing.


bathe in luminous, loving
soundscapes of beauty, truth
and magick

Adey Bell is a mystical vocalist, pianist, and composer whose ethereal yet powerful music explores themes of personal transformation and spiritual awakening. Through the elegant arrangements of her albums or the energizing power of her live shows, Adey’s haunting melodies seduce us into feeling more deeply into the places within where we often fear to tread. Her rich, nimble and dusky vocal character effortlessly fuses classical, pop and jazz vocal styles, making her original compositions beyond classification.

Adey has composed, produced, and performed both as a solo artist and with her gifted ensemble, Venus Exalted. She has commercially released more than fifty songs across five studio albums, two live albums, and one film score. Adey has graced the stage at hundreds of live concerts and theater performances, including at the Orcas Performing Arts Center and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show. 

Come find truth, vulnerability, and transcendence in the shadows she illuminates.

I have a deep passion for the reclamation of Women’s Wisdom, the Healing Arts, the reverence for all the cycles of life and am specifically interested in the psychology of our evolution. I believe that living in accordance with the sacredness of all living things is the leading edge of consciousness on Earth and the only path to continuing our species on this planet.

“Adey’s music is a collection of masterworks, songbooks from the other side.
It is music for uncovering the lost pieces of yourself. “

-Alexander N. ~ Los Angeles, CA 



Embark on an 8 session deep dive with me to discover WHO YOU REALLY ARE RIGHT NOW By taking the pulse from 7 different stages of your subconscious, We will  illuminate fabulous gifts you’ve hidden from yourself that want to be engaged with and integrated. We shall discover your capacity

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Wishcraft Season 4 Begins! 10.10.21

Join me for the season premiere of Wishcraft, dress to impress #costumesastools and get ready to go deep! JOIN THE LIVESTREAM HERE Hello dreamer. I hope you have been enjoying yourself and doing your best to stay curious as the roller coaster of life races on! #staycurious I took the

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