🌕⚡️💫The Crossroads. Adey’s Voice Mail-11/30/2020

- Voice Mail

Hi love! How’s the view from your crossroads?

I made you a voice message today sharing my insights of how these times are occurring to me.
In this voice message I give you:

*3 simple, deep dive exercises to engage in the energy of the eclipse season, building up to the grand conjunction on December 21st.
(Don’t worry- it’s simple, effective, and do-able. And it can be fun!

*How to discern what is true amidst the deluge of today’s information overload 

*How to break the human centric trance of domination, what I consider  “the ultimate narcissist”, opening us to the benevolent information that surrounds us at all times

*How to clear out the clutter & have the best ride possible through this birth portal

*How to lean into the complexity and paradox of this time without coming to a premature foreclosure (aka giving up)

*I get real in a tiny side tangent about the vulnerability I feel about speaking into concepts such as “vibration and frequency” — overcoming my fear of being labeled “new age” or “out there”

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I’m watching out for you,

Photography by FlorentinaCraft




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