Embark on an 8 session deep dive with me to discover WHO YOU REALLY ARE RIGHT NOW By taking the pulse from 7 different stages of your subconscious, We will  illuminate fabulous gifts you’ve hidden from yourself that want to be engaged with and integrated. We shall discover your capacity ...

Wishcraft Season 4 Begins! 10.10.21

Join me for the season premiere of Wishcraft, dress to impress #costumesastools and get ready to go deep! JOIN THE LIVESTREAM HERE Hello dreamer. I hope you have been enjoying yourself and doing your best to stay curious as the roller coaster of life races on! #staycurious I took the ...

Adey’s Voice Mail-10/19/2020

Hi love, Today is the first Monday after the New Moon in October. Yesterday was the date I’ve been holding as the  Season 3 Premiere of Wishcraft- and like so many plans in 2020, it is not occurring. We’re all watching, waiting to see what’s coming next… Listen to the ...

Adey’s Voice Mail-10/30/2020 [special video edition]

Hi love! Welcome to the Voicemail Blog- special edition with video! Watch the Voice Mail on youtube: Listen to the Voice Mail here: watch the WISHCRAFT 2021 PORTAL REPLAY HERE To schedule a divination session with me, fill this out    

2021 INITIATION PORTAL- LIVE Ceremonial Festival & Global Retreat

Hi love. I hope you’re riding the waves of this year with some sense of levity and humor, even if you’re finding yourself at what looks like the desolate end, or the scary-ass beginning. I pray you are finding connection and support. I offer you a breath of fresh air ...


The first “episode” of Wishcraft has been filmed and is in post production currently!! Here I am talking about the after-math of all the prayers and intentions that were offered to the altar on Friday night—

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