Wishcraft Season 4 Begins! 10.10.21

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Join me for the season premiere of Wishcraft, dress to impress #costumesastools and get ready to go deep!



Hello dreamer.

I hope you have been enjoying yourself and doing your best to stay curious as the roller coaster of life races on! #staycurious

I took the summer off. I haven’t been online too much and I set down the music that’s in production.

When summer comes, I prioritize being in Wild Water, feeling my bare feet on the land, being with family, bathing in starlight & moonlight, and exploring nature. #wildwater

I have been taking inventory of what was NOT working in how I approach my life. I rearranged priorities and I daydreamed about what my ideal life could be like.

After spending as much time as possible connecting with my inner selves and Gaia, I feel inspired and excited to share what I’ve learned.

And I’m curious— what’s been cooking up in your inner life!? What have you learned and are ready to share?


We have just observed the Autumn Equinox and it’s my favorite season of the year, Wishcraft season!


Save the dates! Click on the dates below to add the dates to your google calendar.


I’m so excited to hear what’s been in your hearts and minds, learn what you are creating, play, pull cards, and create intentions.

Let us Re-enchant the World.

The game of Wishcraft is based on the premise that we are all dreaming the world alive.

Each Sunday closest to the New Moon, we explore being a conscious player awakening within a complex, hilarious, brilliant, universal #paradox. 

I’ll describe the paradox here as:
We are the wave and the particle, the dream and the dreamer, are the sought and the seeker. We are all dreaming the World awake.

“We are the living potential that the magic is here. We are Magicians, de-hypnotizing ourselves and coming into an apprehension of our creative #relationship to everything that has ever existed.”
-Terry Patten

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