Song of Phoenix

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My heart is heavy with grief and gratitude.
I feel immense sadness for the intense loss of lives, forests and homes
And deep gratitude for the safety of my family and loved ones, for the firefighters and local heroes who continue giving their best protecting us from the wildfires that still rage.

Being one who’s home was upwind from the blaze, I created art last week while listening to the police scanners + packing our evacuation bags.

I felt hesitant to share it, my fear’s voice said,
“Don’t be beautiful while everyone is grieving.” 

My good friend counseled me saying,
“Honey, the world needs beauty right now more than ever.
If you have some jugs of love that you can pour onto us, do it.”

And so- I offer a jug of love from my heart to yours.
My prayer is, as our lives on Earth are changed by the power of fire, may we be touched by Spirit’s resilient light. May we be comforted and held in Grace as we transmute the grief of what was into shimmering inspiration for what is yet to come. 

Let us know courage and sane reverence for all life on Earth in our hearts, as we dream our future into being.

My Oracular transmission—
We must learn to live in two worlds.
The world of Form and the world of Spirit; accepting the challenge to integrate them leads us to transcendence, evolution, to freedom.

We have watched our parents and grandparents navigate and mostly succumb to the overwhelming numbness of materiality. They bartered their ancestral memories and inner lives in exchange for the promise of our survival and convenience. So that we could live.

We have experienced the death of the old Gods and seen the emergence of the new.
We have watched the blatant assassination of the spirit of democracy again and again, heard the echoes of its once virtuous voice slip silently into the night.

We’ve become desensitized to lies, accustomed to seeing blood where green could be.
Barren land where water could flow.
We are surrounded by a modern, silent violence that would make our ancestors weep.
In their day they faced a tangible foe. We stare into the darkness and can not see a sinister vapor, an unnameable enemy of the mind, a wolf in sheep’s uniform with unimaginable power.
It seems that we are outnumbered, that the odds are stacked against us.
It appears that we can never win.

 The world of Spirit is a beautiful paradox- it is deeply personal and it is connected to everything.
We catch glimpses of the power of our intuition and instinct,
we sleep, dream and wake again.
We feel each other’s pain and each other’s joy.

We are designed to  innovate, create and experience pleasure.
We are created to care, love life and nurture.
We have the ability to embody what we channel- we are conduits for a once-in-a-lifetime download-
receiving treasured messages from beyond the stars.

The wind-stream of our thoughts inform how we live our lives.
Our greatest fears and deepest desires materialize before our eyes.
In every moment we are choosing to avoid or become the journey masters of our lives.
As our actions align with our intuition we are met by Supreme Divinity.

We must learn to live in two worlds.

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