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Song of Phoenix

Stay Home with Venus Exalted [video]

Please enjoy this quarenteamed- homemade video + early version of our new song baby, Stay Home. Written by Adey Bell, Bailey Arango and Joe Muscatello. Adey Bell- piano, vocals, production Bailey Arango- guitar James Hoskins – cello Studio album version coming SOON! From our home and hearts to yours, -Venus ...

Under the Covers #8- Jose Gonzalez’s “Crosses”

“Crosses” by Jose Gonzalez Covered by Adey Bell and Venus Exalted: Jeffri Lynn Carrington and Matthew Kriemelman I love this piece and I hope you do too- The message helps me forgive myself and others, which is the most potent medicine, I believe. Let us water the flowers we want ...

Under the Covers #7- No Limit to your Love

Under the Covers with Adey Bell #7 NO LIMIT TO YOUR LOVE It’s a 3 way mash-up (technically 4- way) weaving the melodies of James Blake (covering Feist), Chris Issac and Reverend Johnson. With my ensemble, Venus Exalted

Elias Alexander: Born Outside- MUSIC VIDEO

Feeling low? Watch this! Honored to collaborate with my friend Elias Alexander: Born Outside “No more F***ing Depression” is a beautiful video we did live in a field. I hope it will fill your heart with sparkles as it does mine.

New Video: “To Get Here” Live- with Venus Exalted

Bathe in luminous, loving soundscapes of beauty, truth and magic. // Music is medicine // Coherence is the antidote to dissonance.

Under the Covers #6- “Fly Away” by Poe

“Fly Away” by Poe “Everything matters in such an invisible way” The chaos is thick, the amnesia is strong. But we are stronger. Our lives are not our own. This year’s roller-coaster ride has brought me immense strength, gratitude and dedication. I’ve cut away again and again what no longer ...

Under the Covers #5- The Rigby Mashup

December 23 2017 Happy Holy Days, friends This can be a time of profound loneliness, aggravation and disconnection. Whether you have family to be with, Netflix to binge on, or a warm place to sleep-  our shadow comes up strong when the nights are long. I feel that our Spirit ...

Our Witchy Little Matriarchy- Episode 1

From Creator Michael Ellsberg: Welcome to Episode 1 of the new web series I’m filming and editing, “Our Witchy Little Matriarchy: The Goddesspell of Adey Bell.” This episode is entitled “Moon Blood,” and it’s very… um… witchy. In the episode, we cover earth magic based on menstrual cycles, the suppressed ...

Under the Covers with Adey #4- “Garden”

Sean Haye’s “Garden” by Adey Bell Welcome, Spring. I call in the East, the element of Air New beginnings, wonder. Original inspiration, the Child Spirit. I call in the innocence of dawn, the peaceful quiet of daybreak. I hear the Bird Story, curious, awake. I hear the River Story, flowing and full. ...

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