Under the Covers #5- The Rigby Mashup

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December 23 2017
Happy Holy Days, friends

This can be a time of profound loneliness, aggravation and disconnection.
Whether you have family to be with, Netflix to binge on, or a warm place to sleep-

 our shadow comes up strong when the nights are long.

I feel that our Spirit dies when the material world is all we believe in.
Our soul dies every time we ignore the metaphysical background of the world-
and the fleshly is all we pay attention to and feed.

I feel belonging when I #entrainmyheart to the pulse of the Mother.
I feel coherence in my body when I listen to what my inner child has to say…

This is a song dedicated to our Inner Child- A Mantra for remembering.

I hope you receive the reminder of how Powerful you are.

You impact all of us, intimately.
You impact me.

Thank you for choosing Life.


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