Under the Covers #7- No Limit to your Love

Under the Covers with Adey Bell #7 NO LIMIT TO YOUR LOVE It’s a 3 way mash-up (technically 4- way) weaving the melodies of James Blake (covering Feist), Chris Issac and Reverend Johnson. With my ensemble, Venus Exalted


The first “episode” of Wishcraft has been filmed and is in post production currently!! Here I am talking about the after-math of all the prayers and intentions that were offered to the altar on Friday night—


WISHCRAFT is back- Oct 12, Ashland MUSIC AS THE VEHICLE, DIVINATION AS THE TOOL for REMEMBERING Let us cultivate our personal and communal spiritual resiliency. Let us hold and witness the intentions of each other on the altar of our hearts.

Elias Alexander: Born Outside- MUSIC VIDEO

Feeling low? Watch this! Honored to collaborate with my friend Elias Alexander: Born Outside “No more F***ing Depression” is a beautiful video we did live in a field. I hope it will fill your heart with sparkles as it does mine.

New Video: “To Get Here” Live- with Venus Exalted

Bathe in luminous, loving soundscapes of beauty, truth and magic. // Music is medicine // Coherence is the antidote to dissonance.

Under the Covers #6- “Fly Away” by Poe

“Fly Away” by Poe “Everything matters in such an invisible way” The chaos is thick, the amnesia is strong. But we are stronger. Our lives are not our own. This year’s roller-coaster ride has brought me immense strength, gratitude and dedication. I’ve cut away again and again what no longer ...

SUMMER CONCERT DATES 6/22, 6/23 and 7/12

I’m playing the Main Stage at Bhakti Village- Jackson Wellsprings, Ashland OR Saturday June 23, 9pm See you there!

Silver Wheel for you. Love, Adey

We did it, Silver Wheel is here! I appreciate your patience with me in the 2 year creation of this work of art, which is completely funded by your generous belief in me. The wait is over! Visit to listen now! SUGGESTIONS FOR USE: – Free yourself from distractions ...

Live Streaming Silver Wheel Release Concert- March 25th

We’re Live Streaming the Silver Wheel Concert! Click on the link to register for only $8-

Silver Wheel Release Concert- March 25- Marin, CA

Be my esteemed guest as we celebrate the release of my record, Silver Wheel with a very special concert at Unity of Marin, CA! Rejoice with me! I’m so fking happy!! much more is said on my blog about the 2 year journey of creating Silver Wheel here. On Sunday, ...

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