Silver Wheel for you. Love, Adey

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We did it! Silver Wheel is here!

I appreciate your patience with me in the 2 year creation of this work of art,
which is completely funded by your generous belief in me.
The wait is over!

Click here to be directed to the Silver Wheel Purchase page on Oracle88
and the music is yours.

I have the most humble gratitude for my patrons and their presence in my life.
You showed up for me! Your YES gives me wings.

I am SO PROUD of this record.
With your support we have finally created the album that I believe represents me and my art.

– Free yourself from distractions for approx 54 minutes.
– Create a sacred space & time for listening, preferably with excellent playback devices, such as headphones or good speakers.
– Light candles. Relax. Pour a bath. Lay down, open a window, listen outside!
– Repeat as often as needed.


PS- I LOVE hearing from you!
I’m always available to hear your thoughts, insights and visions of your personal ride with my song-children.
Write me-
[email protected]

gnothi seauton
γνῶθι σεαυτόν

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”- Socrates

I did not create an album, she made me.
The Mysteries have always held my fascination.
It was in the Women’s Mysteries, the feminine arts, that I found refuge, tools and remind.hers as I was grappling with the reality of my body, psyche & hormones.
My greatest teacher was my inherited pain & gifts as a creature with a womb.

My inquiry into understanding my place in the Life/ Death Cycle,
learned thru the ebb and flow of my body’s miraculous capacity for fertility and emptiness, creation and destruction, light and dark-
is at the center of this work.

Silver Wheel was crafted as my invitation to the world to take a deep dive into the Otherworld. Let music be our guide as we swim in the subtle realms and listen to the unsung songbird inside us all that begs for an opportunity to be heard.

Read more here
about the meaning, creation and evolution of Silver Wheel
as I continue to refine and update this blog as we blossom into being.

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