Lady Like- the official Single from Silver Wheel

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And to lead the way- I give you

Lady Like

“Radically balancing the light and the dark, she’s giving it to me straight… it’s her calling card…”

Lady Like is my prophetic confession from the archetypes of The Huntress, The Maiden and the Goddess Artemis within me.
She is the un-relentless bright, green spring.

Her scent is of apple blossoms and freshly thawed Earth.
Her animal is the hummingbird, her element is Air and her domain is the Sunrise in the East.
She is the Lordess of mental activity, she tells us of the cloud-story.
She represents the Spring Equinox on the N. Hemisphere- March 21st.

Don’t let her brief, sun-kissed moments of warmth fool you, she is still chilly at night and likely to storm again before Beltane. She knows the frost and snow that cling in the mountains.  Her ice-melt slowly inspires the rivers to rage.

Curious, determined and restless from her winter’s respite, she has the bite of adolescence mixed with the boundless energy of a headstrong sprout that unabashedly dances towards the nourishment of the Sun.

Her Moon is the first quarter moon- and for this precious moment,
we celebrate her, as she shows us equal yin and yang.

She’s a take-no-guff, racy, adventurous young spirit, calling it as she sees it- and, setting her sights on the bulls eye, she always makes her mark.

She’s unsatisfied with the status quo of our times, asking the question of us all-
“What’s a Lady Like?”

Young and wild, she is not yet “civilized”.
Watching the Patriarch being placated and pacified time and again-
yowling growling snarling and screaming….!


this Lady is Like, WTF???


photograph by Zen Cohen
Cover designed by David Shakiban

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