Thank you Ashland!

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Hello friends-
I’m so proud to announce that our Feb 11 Silver Wheel Fundraiser Concert was a mega-success!
Ashland showed up for me and we raised $6000 in one night!
I can’t begin to tell you how amazing this is for me. 
Read more here from Michael Ellsberg about the marketing model that we dreamed up and were blown away by the result.
I’ve always had beef with charging ticket prices because I want everyone who is called to come to the show! Yet, I was struggling to pay the venue’s rent, sound engineer, promoters, let along getting paid myself.
I feel like I’m playing Go Fish with the Universe, and I finally stuck my hand into the pool and now get to shout- “I got what I wanted!” 
Free admission AND exceeding the financial goal! Such a major win.
With this last show we are really close to making our goal to finish Silver Wheel.
I can feel the light at the end of this birthing tunnel, and it feels so good to have the financial confidence to pay the artists and engineers who are working so hard to make this album all she can be. So many of the collaborators have been working on Silver Wheel at night after their “day jobs” and on weekends- contributing because they believe in the work. They are moved by the music and I am moved by them.
I have so much gratitude in my heart. 
I’m going to spout out some hip-hip-hooray’s: 
Muchas Gracias to James Hoskins, my dreamy sisters Jeffri Lynn Carrington and Lo Campbell and the newest addition to the crew, Matthew Kreimelman for coming together with grace, musical professionalism and heart-melting one-ness in sound. Thank you for having patience with my creative process, for listening to my music with your heart with such loyalty and devotion to the Music. Wow.
Lo also worked her butt off organizing the silent auction, and I thank her for going waaay and above the call of duty so generously. 
Bob Jackson Miner was a magical champion and solid ally for the entire production. My Mother put in long hours to help make it all happen. Lloyd Barde and Deborah Wilder stepped in where they were so perfectly needed, and are always in it for the long haul. 
My brother Mo endured the perilous winter’s cold on his bike to come up and be a part of her.story in the making, and is always a major player in helping pack everything up. (A silent, background job that is SO IMPORTANT) 
Casey Jeppesen’s role and contribution defies description and I’ll thank him here for being a sexy, grounded, Master Space Holder. 
Michael Ellsberg is consistently showing up as a rock in my foundation. From the epic pitch to his pushing me beyond my edge so gently and in support of it all, his contribution to the narrative wealth of my life is already a legacy in my heart. 
All the silent auction donors were fantastic!! You made the event even more succesful and spread the wealth of our community. 
Thank you Melissa Orion, Emily Athena, Wellsprings Centre for Body Balance, Gerry Lehrberger & Jackson Wellsprings, Norma Burton at Circle of Trust, Kristyl Visions, Ruth Rhiannon, and Andrew Murray. 
And last, HUGE thanks to Megan Danforth & Tom Pike for showing up big time and adopting 2 mixes— your contribution is immense in more ways than one.
 All of your support and love gives me strong eagle wings, lion’s heart courage, bison stamina and joy, joy, joy. 
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