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Take your part in bringing in the new Age- starting with your Womb

This course is for people with a womb, aka womb-carriers.

A womb carrier is born to ride the waves of evolving cycles of archetypes, hormones, emotions, dreams and desires throughout their lifetime. With supportive tools and inspiring education, they can be set up for the journey to find their unique gifts, take care of who they are inside that journey, and have a living context that serves them for life.

Silver Wheel is a tool for exploring the relationship of your inner lives, uncovering your inner council, creating space to illuminate the hidden blocks and keys to your vitality in every season of your cycle and life.

As you learn how to live within your own silver wheel you will:
Unite the solar seasons, lunar phases and ancestral observances with your menstrual cycle. *

Weave your personal archetypal energy with the Elements, creating an artform of emotional cartography. This act of creation is to remind us of non-linear wisdom that comes from the timeless depths of all that is alive on Earth.

In our session together, we will take a walk around the spiral via a guided meditation to discover your inner council, reveal hidden archetypes, illuminate your desires and strengths while deepening your connection to ancient cycles and our Earth.

When a womb carrier transcends the virtual anxiety of our age and consciously expresses all of their “selves,”  they inform their culture how to do the same, leading the revolution of Spirit and midwifing the birth of the bright new era.

+individual and group sessions available

* Womb carriers who no longer bleed, aka Blood keepers, can still glean great insight from working with the wheel, as your inner archetypes and characters are alive within you even after you stop giving blood.

“It is through the love, and the caring for our natural Seasons that we protect our lives from being dragged into someone else’s read them, someone else’s dance, someone else’s hunger. It is through validation of our distinct cycles for sex, death creation, rest, play and work that we re-learn how to define and discriminate between all our wild senses and seasons.”
 ~ Clarissa Estes

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