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Weekly Sessions with Adey
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Your life unfolds according to the questions you ask.

Our 75 min will be co-created as we take a peek into the Mystery and illuminate what’s up for you right now.

Together we can bring clarity to tough decisions & circumstances, reignite your connection to Spirit, and soothe your nervous system so you can learn how to keep relaxing into the unknown.

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My divination sessions with Adey Bell increase the confidence in myself,  to fall in love with myself, so that I can contribute to the world. As an intuitive and attentive woman, I pay attention to the opportunities and obstacles that life brings, however, I know I have blind spots and Adey is one of my teachers whom I reach out to for her honest and compassionate reflection of those behaviors that do not serve me. The wisdom that Adey holds is a rare find and I trust her implicitly. It is an honor to know Adey and a gift to be guided by her.

Kate Niebauer

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