Silver Wheel- the new Album Completion Update!

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I’m not birthing this album,
This album is birthing me.

It’s been a long and exciting journey, it is more complex and beautiful than we could have imagined.

In May, 2016- I was prompted to make a new record and encouraged to ask for fan financing by Tara Divina, who helped me begin the crowdfunded campaign.
Held by her confidence, she gave me permission to be worthy of asking my community for support.

And YOU showed up for me- we raised $7800 together!
Which brought me and cellist James Hoskins to 25th Studios in Oakland last October

We started recording. I had no title for the record, or anything. Just song-children wanting to be born.

“If a writer knows everything that’s going to happen, then his book is dead before he begins it.”
– V.S. Naipaal


The Mysteries have always held fascination for me.
It was in the Women’s Mysteries that I found myself obsessed, grappling with the realm of my body, my psyche & hormones, my inherited pain & gifts as a creature with a womb.

There are many teachers, sisters and excellent books, a few whom I’ll mention here that were instrumental for me in the quest to “Know Thyself”.

The Women’s Wheel of Life, by Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard
Women who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Goddesses in Every Woman by Jean Shinoda Bolen
The Book of She by Sarah Avant Stover- (thank you Alexis Neeley)
Tatiana Almendral
Sharron Rose
Deborah Wilder

Which brings me to Silver Wheel– 

This is one of her first incarnations, created with butcher paper, hanging on my wall




I called it the ‘cycle chart’, ‘emotional cartography’…

It started as a pie chart, split in 28 slices. One for each day of my menstrual cycle.
Differently colored sections representing each phase my uterus moves, to which I added each of the four seasons of Gaia, the four elements, adding the Lunar phases, then lining up with the 8 holy Sabbats of the Pagan Holy Holidays…it goes deep.

It was really the beginning of a personal mapping system/art project in which I found great strength, creative expression and power
United with ancient, accumulated wisdom of the symbiotic relationship of Nature’s Path reminding us of our irrevocable connection to all of Life-  A story all we all carry in our DNA wanting to be told now.

Deborah Wilder gave me this gift last February on the last day of our Rest & Receive Retreat in Hawaii

It is an artist’s rendering  of Arianhrod, the Welsh Triple Moon Goddess, who governs the cycles of life and death- who also goes by the name Silver Wheel.

My intimate experience of the Life Death Cycle as learned thru the ebb and flow of my body’s capacity of fertility and emptiness, creation and destruction, light and dark is at the center of this work, as well as my work with the elements, directions & pantheon of archetypes-

This Music, Each Song- Is a transmission, a love letter, a prophetic confession from each of the chosen Archetypes as they Spiral in and out of the Otherworld, partnered by the Moon Phases, element & directions and Nature’s demarcation of Time.

Silver Wheel is a tool for remembering.



We are ready to mix after recording amazing musicians:
James Hoskins, Jeffri Lynn Carrington, Jesse Mano,  Morgan O’Shaunessy and Matthew Kreimelman

Each song is roughly $600 to mix. Mastering is another dollop on top of that.
CD production & a smidge for promotion makes our goal

WE HAVE the amazing engineers all ready- they need the money!

ADOPT A SONG- for $1000 you’ll have your name on the CD cover

and finally-
I’ll be talking a lot more about

-Members only Bootlegs
-Rogue Coin
-Projects to jump in on
-Collaboration in the world of Indie Art

From the depths of my heart
I am so grateful for you-
I’m so proud & excited to share the fruit of our epic journey!!


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