Voices and Heart Shaped Box Release!

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I last fall I got to play two shows in Boulder with my incredible friend and musical magician, James Hoskins on cello.

He is one of my favorite people on the planet and also happens to be a musical genius.

With over 4 decades & 20 instruments under his belt- our collaboration is nothing short of pure magic filled with passion & deep resonance. You’re gonna love him!

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about VOICES:

As a woman I’m no stranger to the interesting and sometimes painfully intense roller-coaster ride called hormones. Our collective unconscious is a dizzying, swirling labyrinth of thoughts & ideas, for good or ill. Only in stillness do we create space to hear the Truth. This song speaks to that- and our power of intention, choice & deliberate magic.

Facing our “demons” head on and inviting them to play creates opportunity for them to become what they really are, our allies.


My young mind & heart was torn apart (in a good way) when I listened to “Bleach”, Nirvana’s first album and I knew I would never be the same. Millions were touched by their grunge rock punk genius but of course, as a pre-teen- I took it personally. It was like I knew Kurt Cobain~ I understood him like no one else. He and I shared a flavor of grief, angst and melancholy that was intimate. My obsession continues and even today I can say that I really get it when he said, “I miss the comfort of being sad.” I just wish things had been a little different, coz I was going to show him how to channel all that and rise up with me…. ah well. I’ll have to settle for having pieces of him with me always, tuning in from the other side.

about the LIVE SHOW

James and I had practiced only a few times before this recording was done at our 1st live show together. I love how seamlessly we interweave and play off each other~ he has an exquisite ear and has one of the highest emotional IQ’s of anyone I know, which directly translates to our alchemical collaboration. I’ll go ahead and say it- I’m not an easy one to play with; tempo changes, mood swings, the subtle and not so subtle dynamic tension that changes from one extreme to the other…. But our playing is effortless, channeled, pure. I am so grateful to have found someone who feels as deeply as I do, and is willing to “go there.” He’s my first musical collaborator in 10 years, and all I can say is he is so worth the wait.


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