Seasonal Shifting

- Musings

One of my clients recently wrote me,

“Ever since college years ago, I’ve noticed that getting into the months of September – November, I start to feel a little down, gloomy, pessimistic, angry, resentful. I’m trying to make sure I take really good care of myself (eating well, exercising, being kind with my body going through this).

Is there any thing you know of that helps with this sort of thing?”
It’s such a juicy & relevant question I was inspired to share it with you all.
This is what I told her:
First off- you are not alone. So many people deal with “seasonal depression”. It’s in our nature & biology to seek the Sun, which gives us life and good drugs keeping us happy and feeling connected. Also you’re feeling the collective consciousness of our Western Society, that praises the outward expansion cycle of life and doesn’t value the inward- contraction cycle.

I think “seasonal depression” is actually our culture’s RESISTANCE TO THE DARK.

Between the polarities all of life thrives. Our wisdom grows by recognizing and aligning with the energy of the cycles. We have a habit of focusing on the external world of results, productivity, and linear accomplishment, and have difficulty adjusting to the of colder, darker, quieter, inward cycle of time.

Understanding the procession of the equinoxes and how the macrocosm (Earth’s Cycles) reflects the microcosm (Your body)
will give you insight into how to harmonize with Life
rather than resist it.

There are things you can do on the surface level as well as diving deeper to help you understand what’s going on underneath the layers.

Let’s look at a few:

This helps you get more dosage of the light beams that keep you happy. Some people I know swear by it, others say it didn’t work as well as they thought it would. The key is to experiment with some options to find what will work for you.
These salt lamp/diffusers are rad. Not only does the salt provide negative ions which change the atmosphere of your room/home/office, but you put a few drops of essential oil (I’d recommend lavender & roman chamomile to name 2) inside a little bit of water and it diffuses into the air. It boosts your mood, calms the spirit and is comforting.
3) Exercise! Every day:
 Ride your bike up a hill. ( you prob have a few nearby in SF)
 Jump on a mini tramp even for 10 min! ( I have one, they’re great) getting the endorphins and nutrients fully coursing through your body is key here.
4) Embrace the Season. (Darkness).

This means making soup. Learn how to make a pie. Get a pile of good books you can’t wait to read. (some fiction too, not just work related or self help. make sure you’re giving your brain a treat here) Get a collection of beeswax candles and light them every night with dinner.


Fall/Winter is time for pulling back, going inward. Reflection. Conservation of energy. In our culture (and especially in California) we don’t know how to truly honor the seasonal change and the gifts it has to offer us because we’re focused on output- all the time. And it’s just not in our Soul’s nature to be constantly doing that!
Everything in the Universe happens in Cycles. Expansion, contraction. And your mood/psyche/body is the same. Winter, the dark months- are for quiet. Planning for the spring/year ahead. Art projects! Collage a vision board for your next year. Book clubs, hot baths with sea salt. Journaling. Snuggling!
Stock up on some seasonal food and try making something new. Squash, apples, persimmons, walnuts… you’d be amazed at the changes you might feel when aligning yourself with Earths seasonal bounty.
5) Schedule a session with me.
We all have stuff built up in our psyches & bodies that can get triggered when we have less light in our lives, and I think you’d benefit from learning techniques you can use at any time to clear your channels to receive the pure source energy that’s available to you.

I can also get a deeper sense of what needs to be let go in you so that you are free to  feel the dark & Radiate your light- continuing to grow as an infinite being! We’d work on some divination, answering questions, getting your “magical tool belt” stocked and sharpened so you feel resourced within your own Divinity and Power.

Celebrate how far you’ve come,
Honor your process.

Your lantern in the dark,

I’d love to hear from you~ Do you experience mood/energy shifts when the Sun goes to bed early? What are your favorite things to do in the dark months? We all benefit from sharing seeds in our gardens so comment on the fb thread here.

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