Our Witchy Little Matriarchy- Episode 2

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From creator Michael Ellsberg:
“While many people are wearing plastic witch costumes today that they bought from Walmart…
Here’s REAL-LIFE witch Adey Bell, in Episode 2 of the web series I’m creating, “Our Witchy Little Matriarchy:
The Goddesspell of Adey Bell.”

In this episode, Adey reads cards from the audience at her recent gig at Jackson Wellsprings, interspersed with candid behind-the-scenes clips- then blesses us with a gorgeous rendition of her song “The Light.” Get your Wishcraft on… Happy Halloween everyone!

You’ll see in this video that her song choice matched the message she gave in her reading right before the song. She was doing this all night. I thought she was adjusting the readings to fit her preconceived setlist, but it turns out, no, she didn’t have a setlist. She was choosing her songs in the moment based on the readings. That just blew me away. A real-life live divination jukebox. Adey, you never cease to amaze….”

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