New Video: “To Get Here” Live- with Venus Exalted

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Venus Exalted
Years ago, I dreamt of an ensemble.

“this is not a band,” I said.

“we are using this ensemble to awaken..”

* * *

Bathe in luminous, loving soundscapes of beauty, truth and magic.
// Music is medicine //

Coherence is the antidote to dissonance.

We entrain our rhythm to Gaia.

We tend to the fire of the heart of the world


Adey Bell- piano, vocals

James Hoskins- cello

Matthew Kriemelman- percussion

Jeffri Lynn Carrington- vocals
Lo Campbell- vocals

Click the pic above to watch the first released video of Venus Exalted LIVE- “To Get Here” 2/11/2018

from the debut album “Rogue”

The chorus of the song says, “It’s been a long road just to get here…”

and indeed it has… as this live song in the video opened the 2/11/18 show in Ashland, OR,

celebrating my first-ever studio album “Silver Wheel,” which was released earlier this year!

Thanks so much for watching!

So much love….

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