Our Witchy Little Matriarchy- Episode 1

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From Creator Michael Ellsberg:
Welcome to Episode 1 of the new web series I’m filming and editing, “Our Witchy Little Matriarchy: The Goddesspell of Adey Bell.” This episode is entitled “Moon Blood,” and it’s very… um… witchy. In the episode, we cover earth magic based on menstrual cycles, the suppressed role of Mary Magdalene in the Jesus myth, the proper role of men in a matriarchy, and you also get to see a smoking-hot rendition of Adey’s song “Power,” live at Orcas Center, WA, 8/26/17.

This web series is a fan’s backstage perspective, replete with plenty of concert footage I’ve filmed over the years, documenting the journey of a masterful musician, and infinitely colorful character, who is gearing up for 2018 to be her breakout year.”


Witchy Little Matriarchy


A Festival of Music & Dance

in Celebration of Adey Bell’s Album Launch

Weekend Before Valentine’s Day, 2018

Bay Area, CA

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