Under the Covers #7- No Limit to your Love

- Music

Friends! I’m so excited to share this episode of Under the Covers, featuring my ensemble, Venus Exalted.


It’s a 3 way mash-up (technically 4- way)
weaving the melodies of James Blake (covering Feist), Chris Issac and Reverend Johnson

This is my first video in the series featuring my musical collaborators, and if you’ve been watching you’ll notice that it’s also the first episode I’ve done outside my bedroom!

Many thanks goes to the fabulous people who came together to realize my dream-
Jeffri Lynn Carringtion, Lo Campbell and Matthew Kriemelman – Venus Exalted.
Thank you Studio Divine and Team Oracle88, the live studio audience and Deborah Wilder.

Click on the pic below and watch, and share!

Thanks so much,

Under the Covers #7

-Adey Bell

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