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The Feminine Antidote is the responsive remedy for our times.

It is an invitation to honor different minds, hearts, bodies and voices to hold the stage.
To assemble.
To play/be witness.
To offer our gifts, ancestral ways and diverse pedagogies.

It is non-linear.  It works in partnership with the earth and all her/their/its kin.
It is of the moon.

This is a conversation.
An interactive wheel collective—
where your “feminine antidote” can plug in and find the support to reach a shared and diverse community.

I’m so honored and excited to be a part of the Feminine Antidote Collective!!
Back in May we held a BloodRites Campout for Womvn >> read the blog here

And STARTING TONIGHT-& every weekend in October a “School for Radicals” will be held in San Francisco with a line-up of educational, hands on learning, conversation, Ritual & so much more-
It is time to BE encouraged and empowered to give your gift as we live through the what the Ancients call the “Shift of the Ages“. Click on the pic below to register and learn more!

Rooted in the intersections of activism, education, self-exploration, ancestral medicine and healing arts, sexuality, magic and mysticism.

Learn ways to cultivate empowerment, community, self-care, psychic protection, non-linear/non-patriarchal thinking among other tactics to get through these times.


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